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Help me find an article.
  SpasticInk, Nov 16 2013

For some reason I just can't get ahold of this document through my university despite being logged in and everything. I just need to check a few things before using it as a source.

The article is called

Effects of Different Brain Lesions on Card Sorting
The Role of the Frontal Lobes (1963)

by Brenda Milner


If someone could get ahold of it and send to I would be pleased.

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Long due update
  SpasticInk, Feb 19 2013

Started to play again this month after a long time of inactivity (1.5 year). Basically a lot of things has happened. Not sure where to start.

After the fall of FTP my roll was stuck there (around 7k), and regrinding on PS went fine but I had to cashout too much (cashout curse) to pay rent and stuff. Decided to quit and focus on school, I'm currently enrolled at Copenhagen University, studying to become a psychologist. Done in a year or so. With FTP coming back I cashed out most of it to pay off debts.

Also had my first child 10 months ago, eats up everything (enery and time).Pic from summer:

But back to poker. Decided to take som shot again and deposited a couple of hundred $ at PS to play nl25. I have a great rakeback deal at a smaller network, but software and games tilt me big time. Playing on PS is relaxing and easy to put up loads of table in no time. Everything so smooth.

So, I've played around 25k hands of NL25 with good success. Running good. Here is graph:

Gonna stab nl50 the next couple of sessions (6 buyin shot) and move down immedietly if it fails. Going to table select pretty hard in the beginning, cause no need to battle 5 regs while moving up.

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Belgrade, where to go?
  SpasticInk, Jan 29 2013

So, a couple of friends and I are going to Belgrade in may/june (booked flights today) and want any tip we can get.

Nightclubs, bars, restaurants, which areas to be in and so on...!

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